This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 778450. Project coordinator: Verbio Technologies, Spain.

Who we are

Verbio was born as a speech technology company in 1999. We are revolutionizing communication between people and computers – allowing people to communicate naturally with machines. We are the first European company in adapting Deep
Neural Networks (DNN) to speech and text, which makes us the champions in telephony and at the centre of cognitive technology.
Our investment in R&D has provided us with the best results in the industry in terms of accuracy, noise robustness and voice biometrics. A patent is protecting our innovations: Natural and Secure Conversational Software. Real-time DNN and analytics will shortly be at the pinnacle. IoT-connected contact centres will be collaborating and analysing what one is saying to another.

We are covering the entire process of human-machine interaction:

  1. Speech recognition
  2. Voice biometrics
  3. Speech analytics
  4. Cognitive agents
  5. Text-to-speech technologies

Headquartered in Spain, we follow a dynamic internationalization strategy with offices in Brazil (Sao Paolo), Mexico (DF) and US (Palo Alto, CA).

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Who we are
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